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Material: Iron Sheet Characteristics

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When people think of sheet metal, the first impression is often that it rusts if left unpainted for too long. However, did you know that different post-processing treatments can delay rusting and give sheet metal different names? "SPHC Hot-Rolled Steel," "SPCC Cold-Rolled Steel," "SECC Galvanized Steel," and "SGCC Hot-Dip Galvanized Steel" are all examples of sheet metal with different functions after undergoing various post-processing treatments. 



 SPHC Hot-Rolled Steel  

This steel plate is processed through high-temperature elongation treatment. It has a distinct appearance with a black carbonization layer, making it less susceptible to welding or spot welding. Before painting, it requires a film treatment to remove the carbonization layer. 


  Material Characteristics: Mostly used for thick plates with a rough surface, commonly employed for products or structural components where appearance is less critical.

Common Thickness: 2.0mm ~ 12.0mm

Common Surface Treatments: Painting, Electroplating



SPCC Cold-Rolled Steel

It is a widely recognized and commonly used cold-rolled steel plate in the market. It is obtained through film processing and a series of professional cold-rolling processes from the 'SPHC hot-rolled steel plate.


 Material Characteristics: Its formability, smooth surface, and moderate strength make it suitable for a wide range of uses where precision forming, aesthetic appearance, and structural integrity are important factors.

 Common Thickness: 0.5mm ~ 3.2mm

 Common Surface Treatments: Painting, Electroplating


SECC Galvanized Steel


SECC refers to galvanized steel, which is produced by electrifying the surface of "SPCC Cold-Rolled Steel" to apply a zinc coating. This provides rust resistance, corrosion resistance, and acid resistance. This type of sheet metal is commonly used in the electronics industry, such as for computer casings.


Material Characteristics: It has an attractive appearance with good paint adhesion. Mostly used in communication or PC-related products. One drawback is that cut edges are not protected by the zinc coating and are prone to rusting.

Common Thickness: 0.5 ~ 2.0 mm

Common Surface Treatments: Bare material or painting



SGCC Hot-Dip Galvanized Steel


SGCC material is produced by immersing SPCC or SPHC steel plates into a hot-dip galvanizing bath, resulting in a thicker zinc coating with different surface appearances: 1. Super smooth surface (no flower pattern) 2. Regular zinc flower pattern (large flower) 3. Fine zinc flower pattern (small flower).


 Material Characteristics: It offers better rust resistance and corrosion resistance compared to SECC galvanized steel. Mostly used in household appliances such as refrigerators, washing machine components, or other exterior accessories. 

Common Thickness:

(no flower pattern) 1.0 ~ 1.2 mm

(Regular SGCC) 1.6 ~ 4.0 mm

Common Surface Treatments: Bare material