Service Flow Chart


STEP 1 Customer Inquiring


Welcome all kinds of sheet metal fabrication ideas, photos, hand-drawn drafts, drawings, etc. When making an inquiry, please provide the material, thickness, quantity, surface treatment, etc. Please see the bottom of the page for contact information

STEP 2 Confirm on Demand


Discussing the detail regard the drawings and your needs. 

STEP 3 Quoting Process


Providing a quotation according to your needs, which can be divided into sample price and mass production price.

STEP 4 Project Initiation


After confirmation on the quotation, and receiving your PO and payment. The project will be executed

STEP 5 Sheet Metal Design


Including expansion drawing.
Acceptable file type:Solidworks、PDF、DFX、DWG


STEP 6 Sheet metal Fabrication


Including laser cutting, bending, welding, coating depending on the drawings and your needs.


STEP 7 Quality Inspection


Final product inspection.


STEP 8 Shipment


According to the conditions of the agreement with you, perform packaging and shipment